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2023-2024 Recipients

Visual Arts

The Woodlands Children's Museum - Looking at Art Lady / Art Appreciation
Conroe Art League - Oil Painting for High School Students at the Conroe Art League
Grand Oaks High School - New Pottery Wheels
The Woodlands High School Art Trust - Framing Display & Lighting
Wilkerson Intermediate - Climate Change Sea Glass project
Bozman Intermediate - 3D Room Modeling / CAD software on iPads
Patterson Elementary - Black Light Art Display
Ford Elementary - New Watercolor Paints
The Woodlands High School - Color Printer
Conroe High School - Self Portrait Curriculum
Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus - Ceramics Supplies
Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus - 3D Printing Pens
Dandridge Reed - Camera/Supplies for Art Making Series
McCullough Junior High School - "Day" Light Clips
McCullough Junior High School - Paper Drying Racks

Performing Arts

Dancing Thru Life - Free dance program for elementary students
Moorhead Junior High School - Electric instruments
Caney Creek High School - Costumes and dance shoes
Wilkerson Intermediate - Ukuleles
Suchma Elementary - Classroom instruments
Giesinger Elementary - Xylophones
Conroe High School Band - Concert band camp
The Woodlands College Park High School - Technical theatre supplies
The Woodlands High School - Sound equipment
Caney Creek High School - Cello cases

2022-2023 Recipients

The Woodlands Children's Museum - Classroom Wall Murals
Vickie McMillan - Collaborative Community Arts Project
Ardest Gallery - ART & LIT for Kids
Bradley Elementary - TMEA Trip Funding
The Woodlands Children's Museum - Programming
Creighton Elementary - iPads
Travis Intermediate - Ceramics
Moorhead Junior High - Electric Instruments
Bush Elementary - Modeling Clay
Hailey Elementary - Mask Making
The Woodlands College Park High School - Theatre Audio
Reaves Elementary - School Art Gallery
Hope Elementary - Class Instruments
Bozman Intermediate - Museum Field Trip
Grand Oaks High School - Sculpture Tools
Snyder Elementary - Xylophones
Keenan Elementary - Class Instruments
Travis Intermediate - Theatre Field Trip
Deretchin Elementary - iPads
Bush Elementary - TAEA NAEA Travel
Lamar Elementary - Ukulele Unit
Willis Middle School - Theatre Lighting

Champions For Art

Mariana Almanza
Peg Burrell
Leslie Cole
Amy Cope-Gibbs
Corinne Coulter
Judith Dollar
Nancy Fairfield
Deborah Foret
Alex Garcia
Liz Grimm
Cindy Hardin
Linda Head
Cindy Heiser
Howard Hughes Corporation
Hamilton & Claire Karl
Laurie and Mark Lashier
Ann McAlpin
Bob Mosier
Kim Phillips
Elaine Roberts
Stephen Schubert
Suzanne Seiler
Peter Shedden
Jerry & Ann Snyder
James Stilwell
The Tough Family
The Trascher Family
Susan Vreeland-Wendt
Ray & Peggy Wilcox
Angela Wilson
The Wright Family

2021-2022 Recipients

All Nations Community School - Digital Art Video Project
Birnham Woods Elementary CISD - Ceramic Food Sculpture Project
Caney Creek High School CISD - Digital Art with Ipads
Collins Intermediate, CISD - Ceramics Project
Conroe 9th Grade Campus - Printmaking Curriculum
Conroe 9th Grade Campus - Digital Art Project

Cryar Intermediate CISD - Digital Art with Ipads
Grand Oaks High School - Sketchbook Exchange
The Rubicon Academy - Glass Curriculum
The Woodlands Children's Museum - Exhibit Programming
The Woodlands High School Art Trust - Framing & Display Costs
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