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SAVE THE DATE: April, 9-11, 2021
THE Woodlands Waterway Arts FestivaL

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2021 Featured Artist Yoram Gal

Yoram Gal Painting Old Jaffa At Night

The 2021 Featured Artist Winner Yoram Gal is from Tel-Aviv, Israel and has been a juried artist at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival since 2006. He started painting at the age of 12 and exhibiting his work at 13. An all-around artist, Yoram writes plays for stage and screen, paints, directs, and produces shows in his traveling theatre. He has lived and worked in Old Jaffa since 1978. He opened his studio and gallery there in 2015, where he ships his paintings to collectors in 40 countries.

The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival has been graced with Yoram’s masterful and colorful paintings for many years, and we are glad that he has been selected to represent the 2021 Festival.

2020 Best of Show Winners

During the 2020 virtual festival, a team of judges representing The Woodlands Arts Council selected 2021's Featured Artist and six (6) Best of Show Artists. Artists are scored on artistic merit and on presentation. Prize winners are jury-exempt for two years, receive booth awards, and other benefits.
Butterflies in a Circle

Gary E. Bachers, Drawing

A resident of New Boston, TX, Gary E. Bachers’ incredibly detailed wax pencil drawings are amazing to see, especially since Bachers created them using only his left hand after a debilitating stroke at the age of 38 left him unable to speak and his right side paralyzed.  
Woman looking at Photos

Angelika Etjel, Photography

Angelika Ejtel of Rapid Heart Movement considers her photographic creation as a poetic experience. Most of her work is inspired by the poetry of a famous Polish poet, Halina Poswiatowska. Angelika finds beauty in its simplicity, metaphorical message and liberty of interpretation. Her images encompass the motifs of love, solitude and death.  
Fine Gourd Art Sculpture

Barbie Holton, Sculpture

Hailing from Parker TX, Barbie Holton has a passion for creating art with natural products. She specializes in woodturning and fine gourd art. Fused glass and resin have been joined with the natural elements to create a piece that is visually and tactilely interesting. Barbie also uses turquoise and other stones, shells, and minerals to enhance her one-of-a-kind pieces. 
David Mayhew Storm Photography

David Mayhew, Photography

A native of the UK, David Mayhew has been a professional photographer since bailing out of a 9 to 5 environment in 2003. Now a resident of Fort Collins, CO, Mayhew explores the “full array of Mother Nature’s moods” traveling the world and capturing unique and beautiful sights including the largest ever recorded tornado.  
Mark and Patti Mohrenweiser Art Tree

Mark Mohrenweiser, MM 2D

After Patti Mohrenweiser trained as a calligrapher and developed the vision for Beyond Letters in the late ‘90s, she and her husband Mark began to delve into the medium of encaustic in 2008. This natural and highly versatile medium relies on pigmented beeswax and dates back to the 5th century BC. Mark & Patti Mohrenweiser of Brighton, Michigan use this ancient medium to create beautifully subtle works of art. 
Tongue Drums with Sticks

Michael and Joah Thiele, MM 3D

Michael and Joah Thiele of Flagstaff, AZ (Hardwood Music Company) are members of a family of artists who have been making tongue drums for over 40 years. Michael Thiele built his first instrument for his wife, Laura, a modern dancer. Over the years, Michael experimented with different types of wood and learned to “tune the wood” to make the best music. 

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