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Festival Postponed Due to COVID-19

In the interest of the health and safety of our artists, patrons, volunteers, staff, and the community and in compliance with the Declaration of Disaster for Montgomery County, The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival scheduled for April 4-5, 2020 has been postponed. The Woodlands Arts Council Board of Directors and leadership is working closely with The Woodlands Township to determine the date for rescheduling.

The Woodlands Arts Council cares deeply for the creative community, artists, local economy, and we are making every effort to continue the tradition of hosting The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival in The Woodlands. We will continue to keep the community abreast of festival updates and the rescheduled date of The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival and Art Dash Party.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support for The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival and The Woodlands Arts Council.

If You Purchased a ticket:

While the ticket policy states that tickets are non-refundable, we still want you to have the chance to see our artists.

We will apply all paid tickets for the April Festival for our new date. If you purchased a ticket, you will receive a new ticket for The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival as soon as we have the new date.

Thank you for your understanding of this difficult decision to postpone The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival.

Our artists travel and do shows like ours all year- this is how they make a living. Please visit our online gallery and shop for art- let the artist know you support them and that you are from The Woodlands!

Last updated: March 14, 2020. This page may be updated. Please check back regularly, as contents are subject to change.

The Woodlands Arts Festival alongside the Woodlands Waterway

2020 Featured Artist: Christina Smith

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and started college as an art major. Marriage and family soon interrupted and so I am actually self-taught. I started exhibiting at art fairs in 1977. My rule has been "anywhere east of the Rockies" and that has given me many happy adventures and a few challenging ones. I've traveled by myself a lot and had flats, blown tires, blown engines, dead batteries and dead fuel pumps! I've learned the problems always find a way to work out - but it can get interesting!

My work is a combination of gouache and pencil. Gouache is an opaque watercolor similar to tempera. It gives me the strong color I want and flows well enough from the brush to produce fine detail. Many artists tell me they've had trouble working with gouache but I'm used to it and know its ways. Generally, I paint my subject first and then use a black colored pencil to render the foliage or landscape. I like the contrast between the two mediums and enjoy working with both. Since pencil will smear, I paint my subject before I do the pencil work. Ideas come in various ways. Sometimes it's a bird I've wanted to portray for a long time and sometimes it's the twists and turns of a branch that's caught my attention. We are fortunate to live in a wooded area a few miles from town and there is always something interesting out there.

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