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The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival Reimagined!


An Online Celebration of the Arts


See the full festival program brochure here

Shop, Engage, Enjoy our reimagined Online Festival

Festival Program Schedule

TIPS & TRICKS for the best virtual festival experience

Grab your phone, tablet or computer and SHOP, ENGAGE and ENJOY visiting with over 100 fine artists in their virtual booths at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2020. Message, chat or ZOOM call with your favorites!!

SHOP for fine art, specialty foods, and festival souvenirs in our Virtual Marketplace.

  • Shop as many artists as you desire and CHECK OUT with one transaction!
  • Visit EACH artist! Many have VERY INTERESTING VIDEOS, demonstrating their technique, giving a tour of their studio, or telling their story of becoming an artist.
  • If an item is SOLD OUT, message the artist to inquire on options or additional inventory.
  • Please be courteous after placing items into your shopping cart. Remember to complete the purchase in a timely manner or remove the item from your cart.
  • Some artists offer commission artwork. Message Artist for details.
  • Remember to SHOP The Woodlands Arts Council Shop Page for 2020 Commemorative Souvenirs!
  • Be sure to FOLLOW your favorite artists to receive inventory updates and news.
ENGAGE with the artists, sponsors, and festival!

ENJOY Festival Programming which includes:
  • Panel Discussions with artists, interior designers and local experts
  • Kid’s Activities presented by The Woodlands Children’s Museum
  • Hands-on demonstrations in cooking and creative arts!
  • Musical Performances from six local groups - preview who they are HERE!
  • Artist Spotlights

The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival has pivoted to an interactive, online format. A celebration that is designed to bring the joy of fine art and fine crafts into the homes of art lovers in our community and beyond.

The festival will kick off Wednesday, October 14 with a Silent Auction featuring original art donated by festival artists, and continue through the weekend of October 17 & 18, when art from over 200 juried artists will be available for sale.Visitors will have the opportunity to engage for free with artists in their online booths from the comfort of their homes. Musical performances, hands-on children’s activities, and informative artists’ panels and video interviews will bring the festival up close and personal.

On Friday evening, October 16, the popular VIP Art Dash Party will be transformed into an intimate, virtual experience with an online “happy hour” and "Drawing" for art by Featured Artist and Naturalist Christina Smith.

Fun, live stream tutorials will include how to best enjoy the online festival, how to engage with artists and collect fine art, how to decorate your home with art, and more. The 2020 Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival will be free for all to attend and shop. If you have purchased a Festival ticket we will honor it at the April 10-11, 2021 Festival.

Follow The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival on social media during the coming months for exciting details on this new art adventure!

2020 Featured Artist: Christina Smith

Featured Art available in the Drawing, Oct 16

HIDDEN IN THE PINES, Summer Tanagers
by Christina Smith

My work is a combination of gouache, pencil and occasionally pastel. Gouache is an opaque watercolor similar to tempera. It gives me the strong color I want and flows well enough from the brush to produce fine detail. Because pencil smears easily I paint my subject first and then use pencil to render the foliage. I like the contrast between the two mediums and enjoy working with both.

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri but I love northwest Arkansas and it’s been home for a long time. I started exhibiting at art fairs in 1977 and I’ve really enjoyed seeing this country! Driving to shows has given me many happy adventures and a few challenging ones. It’s an unusual gypsy lifestyle and I love it!
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