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list of the 2024 winners:

Best of show- $5,000

Julia Ferguson- The Woodlands High School
Rubi Alvarez- Caney Creek High School
Saami Baig- The John Cooper School
Alena Gurevich- The John Cooper School
Iris Emmanuel- The Woodlands High School

Awards of Excellence- $2,500

Allyson Lane- Lake Creek High School
Mariah Vance- The Woodlands High School
Ella Bradley- Lake Creek High School
Morgan Allen- The Woodlands High School
Aiana Bualat- The Woodlands College Park High School
Jake Pinkerton- The Woodlands High School

The Intersection of Art & Technology Scholarship Award powered by Entergy- $2,500

Bethany Elliott- The Woodlands College Park High School

Because Art Matters scholarship- $2,500

Tabatha Sanchez- Lake Creek High School

The Susan- $1,800

Tim Lu- The John Cooper School

Honorable mention- $1,000

Esai Diaz-Acevedo- The Woodlands High School
Katelyn Eveland- The John Cooper School
Hannah Nieuwveld- The John Cooper School

2025 Prospective Student Art Scholarship Applicant

Fill out the form to receive emails regarding the 2025 Student Art Scholarship application:

"The Susan" Student Art Scholarship Award

"The Susan", an $1,800 scholarship, will be awarded to an applicant that exhibits extraordinary skill in the literary arts every year.

"The Susan" was named & established in honor of Susan Vreeland-Wendt for her incredible years of service as a volunteer, board member and art lover at The Woodlands Arts Council.

Susan Vreeland-Wendt is a marketing professional who is passionate about the arts and has shared her time and talents with The Woodlands Arts Council since its inception 19 years ago. She started out by volunteering for The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival as a representative of The Woodlands Development Company (TWDC), one of the founding partners of the Arts Council, and retired from the Executive Board in 2023, she continues to participate in the organization as an Art Lover, steadfast volunteer and committee member.

Susan worked in marketing and public relations for TWDC for 35 years, and saw many outstanding developments and initiatives come to fruition during that exciting time. Among them was the legacy of connecting the community through the arts, which was one of the founding principles of George and Cynthia Mitchell, founders of The Woodlands. That vision lives on in The Woodlands Arts Council and its good works.

During her tenure at TWDC, Susan had the opportunity to volunteer her time with many outstanding non-profits in addition to The Woodlands Arts Council. Among them are Interfaith of The Woodlands, Montgomery County United Way, Montgomery County Community Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and New Danville. She was honored as a 2013 Hometown Hero for her volunteerism.

Susan and her husband, Jim Wendt, live in The Woodlands with their family.


Tuesday, December 5, 2023 8AM: Application Opens

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 Midnight: Application Closes

Friday, February 2, 2024: Interview time assignments will be sent out

Saturday, February 10, 2024: Interview day

Wednesday, February 14, 2024: Award notifications

Thursday, April 4, 2024: Anthology release party

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply?

What is a portfolio?

Can I submit more than one portfolio?

What kind of art can I submit?

What amounts are given in the scholarship?

Can I be awarded more than one Scholarship?

What do I need to bring to the interview?

When is the portfolio interview?

I am not available for the portfolio interview on February 10, 2024, can I still apply?

Award of Excellence recipient Vanessa Reyna with TWAC Board President James Stilwell.
Best of Show recipient Sophia Gonzalez.
Best of Show recipient Eleanor Rouswell with TWAC Board President James Stilwell.

list of the 2023 winners:

Best In Show $6,000 Scholarship:

Eleanor Rouswell “Golden Generations”- The Woodlands College Park High School*

Sophia Gonzalez “Searching for Something”- The Woodlands High School

Awards of Excellence $3,000 Scholarship:

Isabella Schoenherr “Reflection”- The John Cooper School*

Vanessa Reyna “Buen Provecho”- The Woodlands College Park High School*

Lani Liang “Aphrodite”- The John Cooper School*

Catherine Li “Rewa”- The Woodlands College Park High School

Marcela Vogel “Another Day Goes By”- The Woodlands College Park High School

Catherine Li “Leap of Faith”- The Woodlands College Park High School

Zhamanta Chavez “Metaverse Utopia: Anywhere Anytime”- The Woodlands High School

Honorable Mention $1,000 Scholarship:

Nishka Patel “Breathe”- The Woodlands College Park High School*

Steve McKoy “GRANT REQUEST”-The Woodlands College Park High School*

Tya Gonsalves “Bored Games”- The John Cooper School

Bailee Jackson “Cold Turkey”- The Woodlands College Park High School

Nancy Hernandez “Keep on Watching”- Caney Creek High School

Amanda Montes “The Pattern of Life”- Magnolia High School

Cameron Glowacki “Portrait in an Unseasonal Sweater”- The Woodlands College Park High School

*Literary Arts Awardees

list of the 2022 winners:

Best In Show Judith K. Wren Memorial Fund $8,000 Scholarship :

Xzavyor March "This Piece Was Drawn in a Mirror" - Grand Oaks High School

Awards of Excellence $4,000 Scholarship :

Sophia Stowell "garden of duplicity" - The Woodlands College Park High School
Ellery Pascual "tomorrow" -The Woodlands High School
Ellery Pascual "hoco" - The Woodlands High School
Ellis Kologinczak "Captured" - The Woodlands High School
Brian Mekelburg "Flyfishing" - The John Cooper School

Honorable Mention $1,000 Scholarship :

Jennifer Berg "My Friend, Victoria" - Oak Ridge High School
Adriana Gonzalez "Lifeless" - Caney Creek High School
Jenna Evans "48 Layers" - Caney Creek High School
Chloe Beck "Gentle Strength" - The John Cooper School
Jasmin Barrera "Bittersweet Release" - Caney Creek High School
Best In Show recipient Xzavyor March with TWAC Board President James Stilwell and Executive Director Jenny Carattini-Wright
Award of Excellence recipient Sophia Stowell with TWAC Board President James Stilwell
Award of Excellence recipient Ellis Kologinczak with TWAC Board President James Stilwell
Honorable Mention recipient Jennifer Berg with TWAC Board President James Stilwell
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