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Collecting Art - How you do it MATTERS!

Photo of water running off a fountain

WWAF 2019 Artist Damien Jones, Los Angeles, CA , Photo Credit: John Hallett

Anyone can collect art. It is not just for the wealthy, the famous or the elite in our society. Becoming a collector is a bit different than merely decorating your home, and it may take time, patience and education to build a collection that reflects your interest.

Collecting is an investment in yourself, and in deepening your visual awareness. Through the process of collecting work that you enjoy, your experience with the art and artists will grow and deepen over time.

  • Educate Yourself: Pick up some art magazines at the local library or at a good bookstore. Search the internet for more information. Make notes about what you are learning. The more you educate yourself, the more comfortable you will feel when you begin your collection.
  • See more art: Get out and see the real thing. Visit art festivals to see the current art trends, attend local gallery openings with friends that know more about art than you do to see new work and talk to the gallery staff and artists in person, take an art walk, visit the artists during their open studios, visit museums to see work by established artists. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A trustworthy professional should always be willing to give you a straight and knowledgeable answer.

The more art you see and the more questions you ask, the more you will understand what you like, and the more you know what you like, the more confident you will be in beginning your collection.

  • Know what you like: Become aware of your preferences, understand which genre draws you in. Buying art is an emotional experience, so start by collecting what you love. Allow your emotions to guide you, no one else knows your taste better than yourself. The only mistake is buying art that you don’t love.
  • Follow your favorite artist’s career: Join their mailing lists, read their blogs, visit the galleries that show their work, see their current exhibitions, visit their studio for a behind the scene look into their world. Artists’ appreciate your interest in their career and are, generally, more than happy to share it with you.Start now by visiting their websites before the festival!
  • Start Small and Negotiate terms: It’s important to understand your budget before you begin and to know that there is great work available in all price ranges. It may be easier for you to start small and then increase your budget as your interest and understanding grow. If you fall in love with something that you can’t afford to pay in full for today, ask the gallery or artist if they would negotiate a payment plan. The artists at the WWAF are all professionals and participating in the festival is the way they make their living!

Thank you for supporting the creative economy!

Because Art Matters!!

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