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Lauri Dunn

I transform images of insect wings into meditative, modern photographs and photo sculptures. In my two-dimensional work I begin to rotate a segment of the image in a radial pattern using Photoshop. Often, I will layer sections of the photograph and adjust the transparency to give the illusion of depth and space. Finished photographs are mounted to 1 ½ inch cradled wooden board, then coated with a high quality art resin. In my photo sculptures, I print multiple images of wings, then fold them into three dimensional shapes. I repeat these shapes in a tessellating pattern, until I have a sculpture reminiscent of a kaleidoscopic image. The final pieces are mounted on aluminum, then coated with resin. My work is inspired by the natural world, but I bring my love of the urban environment to each piece with strong contrast, geometric forms, and a metallic resin finish.
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