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Haylee Shoop

I use watercolor in order to create a stunning effect that will later accentuate and highlight my drawing's depths and shadows. More interestingly, I then spend between 80-100 hours with a .005 Micron Pen, creating very small intricate world art inspired designs in my artwork. I challenge myself to improvise new designs in each piece I create. Over the past year I have started to embed smaller hidden drawings within the larger image in order to peak the interest of my viewers, patrons, and collectors alike

The majority of my content is comprised of animals, a smaller portion is inspired by whichever region of the country my next art show will be held. However, all of my subject matter is chosen from what ever makes me happiest at the time!

All works are drawn and created by me, using ink over water color on cold pressed water color paper.
My Originals range from 11x14 to 18x24 Inches.

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