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Champions for Art

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We met our GOAL!

If you are still hoping to support the TWAC microgrant program consider becoming a year round supporter of the arts in Montgomery County by joining our Art Lovers program.

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Thank you Champions!

Mariana Almanza

Peg Burrell

Leslie Cole

Amy Cope-Gibbs

Corinne Coulter

Judith Dollar

Nancy Fairfield

Deborah Foret

Alex Garcia

Liz Grimm

Cindy Hardin



Howard Hughes Corporation

Hamilton & Claire Karl

Laurie and Mark Lashier

Ann Mcalpin

Bob Mosier

Kim Phillips

Elaine Roberts

Stephen Schubert

Suzanne Seiler

Peter Shedden

Jerry & Ann Snyder

James Stilwell

The Tough family

The Trascher family

Susan Vreeland-wendt

Ray & Peggy Wilcox

Angela Wilson



The Wright Family

Learn more about the projects!

Last year we launched The Dr. David Gottlieb Education Microgrant and The Woodlands Arts Council Artist Microgrant. These programs began with the hope to more effectively fund arts education and artist growth in Montgomery County. The inaugural round of funding had 18 applicants, 11 were awarded for a total of $33,000 in impact across Montgomery County arts classrooms, museums, and organizations.

This year the microgrant program had 60 applicants with total funding requests exceeding $174,000. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization the Council had budgeted to award $40,000 in microgrants.

Given the exceptional growth of the program we have chosen four more projects totaling an additional $10,000 to fundraise for this Giving Tuesday.

We only need 50 members of our community to donate $200 to help us reach our goal.

$5,000 - Collaborative Community Arts Project

Local Artist Vickie McMillan-Hayes collaborates with the members of various organizations to create “collaboratives,” art typically designed by Vickie but actually created jointly by anywhere from half a dozen to nearly 3,000 people, all contributing to the work of art. Her intention with these volunteer efforts is to give people a hands-on experience with the art-making process, thus inspiring them to explore and pursue the arts as a means of communication on their own.

In 2023, Vickie hopes to create a collaborative community arts project here in Montgomery County.

$3,950 - Creighton Elementary Art with Ipads

Emily Rodriguez teaches art at Creighton Elementary.

The school population consists of over 90% low income families. In her application she shared that the school is full of amazing, deserving students who would love the opportunity to experience using an iPad for digital art and creating. Her students would benefit from the use of iPads during art class and she hopes so that they can broaden their view of the world through the creative use of this technology.

$1,640 Lamar Elementary Ukeleles & Storage


Anne Kobitter teaches music at Lamar Elementary. Her hope is to expand her Ukulele unit to include 2 classes of students, including the Special Education students.

She currently has 20 ukuleles, and needs at least 10 more to enable each student to practice on their own ukulele during music class. There is also a need for a safe and secure storage rack to keep the ukuleles clean and accessible to all students in my class.

Students will learn to use both hands, one holding the chord and the other strumming. Students learn chord charts and tab, and also develop ear training, as she teaches them to tune each ukulele themselves. Her goal is to have a ukulele concert program this year.

Thank you to Ray & PEGGY Wilcox for championing the entirety of the Ukulele Project this Giving Tuesday!

$500 Mask Making At Hailey Elementary


Heather Brown teaches art at Hailey Elementary.

Her Mask Making project benefits third and fourth grade students, including special needs students. Hailey Elementary is a Title 1 school with 56% low-income and underserved students.

Students will explore the art elements seen on masks from around the world using posters and /or a slide show. Characteristics of each culture will be discussed, as well as vocabulary (armature, mold, sculpture methods, mixed media, etc). After designing their mask in 2-D, they will transfer that design to create a 3-D mask with plaster, paint and mixed media.

She hopes the mask forms will allow this curriculum to be duplicated with more students in the future.

Thank you to The Wright Family for championing the entirety of the Mask Making Project this Giving Tuesday!

The Microgrant Program

What is the Microgrant program?

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How much can I donate?

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