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Suzanne Seiler

Our Pick
Capturing the beauty & design complexity of nature are my work objectives. After several decades of painting with watercolors I embarked upon a career transformation & embraced the challenge of mosaics. I’ve created a technique to achieve “realism through micro-piecing mosaics” utilizing colored, textured & patterned papers. To support this new technique, 40,000+ colored, textured & patterned papers from around the world have been amassed (most destined for landfills). Repurposing paper intended for landfills to create art lasting generations is artistry. This affords a near limitless palette of desired color, shade, texture & piece-size to accomplish the tactile illusion of depth, color, dimension, transition & movement. Each paper piece, often cut nearly razor thin, is individually shaped to build a mosaic with marvelous realism. At a distance the finely cut pieces fuse seamlessly but close observation reveals the textures, precise cuts & patterns that add wonderment to the artwork.
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