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Patti Gary


Patti Gary is an award winning Fine Art Photographic Artist with an eclectic style. Her photographic taste is a bit eclectic in that she is drawn to florals, color, people, in particular, street people (as everyone has a story), and themed photo shoots.

Her style is a bit quirky finding beauty in the obscure, for example dead flowers. She calls these "Flowers in Their Prime". In their prime state she finds them to be more vibrant with delicate wrinkles and textures.

Patti shoots with Canon and Leica, using mostly prime lenses rather than zoom lenses. Frequently, she uses off camera flash and large panels that are white or black to direct or block light based on what I am trying to achieve. Patti is a bit of a purist in that she aims to get it right in camera and will only utilize Photoshop to address minor perfections. There are times though when she uses Photoshop to complete her vision for example, making a magenta forest or placing flowers onto the subject's face. To attain greater depth and definition, she frequently will expose the photo 3 ways: properly exposed, under exposed, and over exposed. She then layers these on top of one another, adjusting the opacity. The result is a striking piece of art, with great depth and color, that draws the viewer in.

For Patti, "seeing" thru her lens soothes her soul and she is most hopeful that those viewing her artwork experience the same.

Surround yourself with beauty. Soothe your soul.

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