Our Mission

The Woodlands Arts Council (TWAC), Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to provide cultural and educational enrichment opportunities that encourage, support, and promote the performing and visual arts for residents of Montgomery County and the neighboring region. Our primary goal is to establish and support meaningful programs in the performing and visual arts to create a strong and vital arts presence in the area. We believe the arts can open the doors of our minds, strengthen character, heal the body and foster an appreciation of other cultures.

The Four Pillars

We Mentor Youth

We’ve impacted over 30,000 students in Title-1 schools in the area by providing positive messaging programs, cultural experience opportunities, TEKS based curriculum programs and art supply stipends for schools.

We Promote Public Art

Collaborating with local artists, organizations and institutions, our outreach programs help enrich the cultural fabric of our community. Our efforts include Master Artist Workshops, Public Art Galleries and The Woodlands Art Bench Project.

We Serve Those With Special Circumstances

We provide interactive workshops and programs for those with special needs. We also serve at-risk youth populations, victims of sexual or domestic abuse through positive messaging programs such as Drumming is the Difference.

We Work With Seniors

We provide performing and visual arts interactive workshops and programs that benefit our local “super-adults” as well as their caretakers through local partnerships at senior facilities and organizations throughout the community.

Organization Leadership

Board of Directors

Deb Spiess, President
Dr. Maria Holmes, Vice President
Susan Vreeland-Wendt, Secretary
Heather Dickens, Treasurer

John Feuerstein
Elissa Fletcher
Sue Burke Harrington
Dr. Robert Horton
Kimberly Lacayo

Jerry MacDonald
Amos McDonald
Dr. Ann K. Snyder
Teresa Terrell

Mary Anne Whitney
Nick Wolda
Alex Bunch
Dragos Tapu

Support Team

Mike Bass, Executive Director
Heather Joy Puskarich, Cultural Arts Director
Wendy Paynter, Development Director
Wendy Hammarstrom, Volunteer & Donor Relations Director
Angela Colton, Performing Arts Coordinator
Kelly Batterson, Events Director, The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival



Friends of The Council

Alex & Christie Bunch
Heather Dickens
Maria & Frank Holmes
Kim & Ricardo Lacayo
Amy Lecocq & Rick Shapiro
Deb & Chuck Spiess
Mary Anne & Mark Whitney

Eric Anonsen
Dr. Sherry Durrett
Rob & Cindy Hardin
Jerry & Patricia MacDonald
Lloyd & Margaret Matthews

Andy & Lesley Child
Paulette Fielder
Elissa & Neil Fletcher
Virginia Garrigos
Sue Burke Harrington
Jeanne Knapp
Wendy & Pat Lyons
Silvina Stinco
Tracey Stubbs

Crush Wine Lounge
Rod Flowers
Bob Mosier
Janet Mullings
Texwood Shows


Advisory Board

Brenda Gottlieb
Dr. David Gottlieb
Cindy Hardin

Nancy Martin
Gika Rector
Alex Sutton