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Christina Smith

I want my work to help people notice the small blessings of nature. It's easy to be in awe of mountains and eagles but our backyard birds and trees are really just as remarkable... We just need to pay attention and learn about them. My birds are painted in gouache because I like the strong color and the detail I can achieve. My brushes are small and I apply lots of layers in tiny strokes to get the texture of feathers, the contours of a bird's body and life and character in the eyes. Foliage is often done in colored pencil but only the black pencil. Though the black pencil does not erase it gives me a deeper black than graphite. It will lighten but not erase. I like the contrast between the paint and the pencil and I like the change of pace the two mediums give me. I keep a really sharp pencil and together with my tiny brushes my work is full of detail and often surprises!
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