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Art Bench Call To Artists 2020

Public Art Initiative

Call for Entries:

Phase IV-B Public Art Benches in

The Woodlands Arts District

The Woodlands Arts Council invites local, national and international artists to apply for the next installation of the Woodlands Art Bench outdoor permanent collection located in The Woodlands, Texas, USA.

Phase IV-B of this public art project will feature four (4) new art benches to be installed along The Woodlands Waterway adjacent to The Cynthia Woods-Mitchell Pavilion (Ranked #3 Best Music & Outdoor amphitheater in the world). Through a partnership with The Woodlands Township and the generous funding of underwriters, twenty Art Benches have been commissioned and installed along The Woodlands Waterway and in the Hughes Landing commercial area adjacent to Lake Woodlands. Designed by local, national, and international artists, these one-of-a-kind art benches add beauty to our community while serving a practical function.

The Woodlands, Texas is an award-winning, master-planned community of more than 100,000 residents. Located 40 miles north of Houston, The Woodlands has a strong history of public art. The Woodlands is an aesthetically unique district, with its natural landscapes and waterway backdrop. We challenge the artists to conceptualize work that can highlight their own vision in conjunction with both the underwriter and these unique chosen sites.

The Woodlands Arts Council, Inc. (TWAC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide regional, cultural, and educational enrichment opportunities that encourage, support, and promote the performing and visual arts.

Three (3) semi-finalists will be chosen for each bench location in a preliminary selection process. Each semi-finalist will receive a $300 stipend. One (1) finalist for each location will be chosen to construct an art bench; each of the four finalists will receive $8,000 for bench selected and installed. ( $4,000 upon execution of Artist Agreement and the final $4,000 when Bench is delivered and accepted).

Apply Online at CallforEntry.org. It is FREE to register for an account with CaFE.

Entry fee is $40 for first design, $5 fee per design for additional designs: up to three designs per location. Use Coupon Code ARTBENCH20 for additional designs. APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Site MAP for locations

Site 1

Underwriter: Amy Cope-Gibbs and Jon Gibbs

Using a combination of The Woodlands active lifestyle and a serene location, the artist has the opportunity to use the area’s natural beauty to provide visitors a magical experience. The bench location allows you to unwind comfortably and immerse yourself in a good book or imagine what the next adventure is for the kayakers as they launch onto Lake Woodlands nearby, all while surrounding yourself with the sounds of the majestic strength of the nearby Woodlands Waterway waterfalls.

Site 2

Underwriter: Sparky & Debbie Gullo

The surrounding area promotes family togetherness with its central location in Town Green Park. This bench location is perfect for an artist who understands emotional connections to space and place as if the place itself is a representation of someone who will never be forgotten and someone to always be celebrated. The Underwriter hopes the bench conveys love above everything else while providing peace and comfort. The hope is this bench becomes a place where visitors can experience tranquility from their view.

Site 3

Underwriter: The Dickens Family

While representing the vision of The Woodlands, an artist has the opportunity to combine the unity of the surrounding area that possesses the quality of life, work, and play. This art bench location is a wonderful compliment to the natural beauty of The Woodlands with its gorgeous trees, parks, wildlife, ponds, lakes and The Waterway itself. Situated across from the beautifully designed Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, this bench will be a welcome location to stop and enjoy the view and absorb the surroundings, whether for a concert, a firework display or to enjoy the serenity the water view of The Woodlands Waterway provides.

Site 4

Underwriter: Doug & Beth Grijalva

Sitting at the top of a hill behind the library, this peaceful bench location provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of The Woodlands Waterway area. An artist has the opportunity to reflect on the connection between community, family and the individual while providing a tranquil and inviting outlook along this quiet area of The Waterway. Hopefully, this bench will make people want to sit and read a book, to observe wildlife and enjoy the view, to take a moment and appreciate being in The Woodlands.
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