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Vicki Hamende

I build my own canvas out of Birch Plywood and back it with 1” pine framing. My designs are burned into the wood. I refer to my technique as non-traditional because I gouge the wood with the burner giving the piece depth and texture. I accomplish this with high heat and lots of pressure. This makes the piece interesting to the touch as well as sight. Each piece is enhanced with oil paint. I hand rub the oil paints onto the wood in order to work the paint into the grain allowing the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through. The hard and soft grains of the wood take the paint differently which creates variations in the coloring. This adds another interesting layer to each piece. No two pieces are ever alike, because each piece of wood is unique in itself and there is no way to replicate every line that I created while burning. I enjoy creating piece centered on trees using vivid colors and textures. Many of my designs can be described as whimsical and dreamlike.
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