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Shani Solomon

Wearable Art - My collages that I serigraph can have up to 8 different screens. I work with about 30 different colors per collection, and I take risks with my choices in order to create vibrant, powerful, and sophisticated designs. I work on thirty feet at a time, hand pulling / layering each color onto the material. I never repeat the colors on any design, allowing each thirty foot silk fabric to be unique. After the printing process I steam the silk for over 5 hours to set the colors onto the fabric. Afterwards I lay over a hundred pieces of fabric on top of one another for a few days for the fabric to set before cutting the garment patterns. Tailoring is then completed on each piece and as silk slips and moves, it's another layer of the complexity of my process. My art is wearable art -- statement pieces, conversation pieces, and classic and timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.
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