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Oscar Sancho

Since my childhood I have practiced drawing and painting. I have tried different techniques and as an adult I dabbled in watercolor for which I feel a great affinity for its speed and spontaneity.

I define myself as a self-taught artist passionate about color and light with a penchant for landscape painting. In my paintings I use a color palette composed of bright and radiant tones that allow me to make great contrasts between light and shadow. In each of my works, I try to capture the essence of the scene in a simple way.

As an architect by profession and a plastic artist, my inspiration is to capture on paper the urban and rural landscape of my country Costa Rica. I paint the daily life of the city. In the countryside I include typical houses, the mountains, marinas, fishing boats, coasts of the sea, rivers, and waterfalls. I use blue tones that reflect the color of our sky and the different greens present in the tropical vegetation.
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