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Julie Graham

In a variety of contrasting colors and brush strokes, she paints directly in oils on canvas. Whether bright sunshine or clouds, morning or evening light, from California’s coast to Colorado’s mountains…this artist finds inspiration in nature through personal experience. By being present and emotionally connected with what is surrounding her, she begins formulating the vision of what will first become a study, then eventually turning it into the work of composition, color palate, lights and darks, shapes, texture, perspective, all coming together constructing a painting as a harmonious whole. However, it is the inspiration prior to the work…the essence of a breeze, the warmth of the sun, the smell of flowers, the quiet of the forest…the connection to something larger than self … the elusive dream or illusion that a painting could possibly capture the majesty found in nature is what captivates her. It is this same illusion that attracts the wandering observer.
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