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Anjali Nanda

My paintings are a blend of traditional and modern ideas, inspired by diverse ancient art forms of India symbolizing mother nature and its relation to our physical and spiritual wellbeing. Depicted on canvas with only a nib-pen & ink or acrylics as tools, each painting conveys a complete story. These art forms need to be preserved & so I have added a modern touch with my imagination & innovative ideas to use the techniques below:
Madhubani: Known for its geometrical patterns, this art form was originally done by women using mud, natural dyes & pigments on walls in east India to depict the evolution of life and it’s interaction with nature.
Pichwai: Pichwai has its roots in the Sanskrit words pich (behind) + wai (hang), this dynamic & fluid art form changes with the four seasons to depict moods & expressions of mind.
Gond: Imaginative and vibrant, this art form originally was made to depict social lifestyle, attract positive energy and display fascinating cultural aspects & stories.
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